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This guy was in town for bussiness, and he knows the Hotel have a list of prepaid very hot girls. in the morning, before going to work, he asked the receptionist for one of those girls for the night xdating. He had some family in town, and some days ago, they arranged a meeting. It was a long and complicated day, he worked more than twelve hours without a break, and get very tired, so he called them to cancel the meeting, and arrange it for the next day. Back to the hotel, the receptionist tell him he contacted a girl for this night, and she is waiting for confirmation. Although tired, he tell the receptionist to confirm the arrangement. He takes a shower and then wait watching tv and drinking an old scotch. The bell rings, he opened the door, and… “Oh shit! What are you doing here!” She was his niece. “Don’t tell it to my parents please!!” and he “Of course, don’t tell it to my wife!”. What to do in that situation? Both agreed, it never happened.

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